Can’t see the wooden for the bushes? I’ve typically struggled with the problem of photographing bushes in a means that captures the creativeness and takes the viewer on a journey. I’ve discovered that for me, there are two very efficient methods to contemplate and bushes. Try asking your self these two questions:

  • Which tree is the main actor?
  • Which tree/bushes are the supporting actors?

I’ve to thank my mom for this attention-grabbing perspective. As a boy I used to be dragged to many a theatrical play and so I have a tendency to take a look at my photos as a stage on which there are specific characters that play out a scene. There’s at all times a lead character, some supporting roles and a few cool props. Understanding the hierarchy of your characters will actually assist to enhance your compositions normally.

When a single tree grabs your consideration

Decide who’s the lead and make that your most vital topic. With the picture above, it’s fairly apparent who the lead character is on this scene. That enormous knotted cedar tree is my main actor, so I place him centre stage and place all different bushes round him.

Using an aperture of f/22 signifies that my whole picture (stage if you’ll) is in focus and the one purpose I can get away with it’s because my central character is so apparent that I don’t want to intensify his presence with shallow depth of discipline.

Here’s one other instance of a really apparent main actor in my scene. It’s just about ALL one tree with the supporting actors being a solar flare, the shadows on the foreground and the Koi Carp gliding by means of the pond within the background. Again, I used a really slim aperture of f/16 to make sure most focus all through the picture.

When bushes play supporting roles

Let’s face it, not all bushes are A-list actors, however they don’t must be. You can use bushes to border one other, extra attention-grabbing character, in your picture. When you’ve discovered an attention-grabbing topic corresponding to a waterfall, lake reflection or sea stack, have a look round and see if there are any bushes that may make a pleasant body or main line that directs the attention in the direction of your foremost topic. If there are, place them in your foreground.