Summer is right here, which implies excessive temperature, lengthy and tiring days. The summer time warmth causes our pores and skin to react in several methods. The highly effective rays of the solar can hurt our pores and skin. We want to perceive our pores and skin’s behaviour when it’s uncovered to the scorching summer time warmth. The warmth in summer time season could cause sunburn, suntan, itchiness, irritation, rashes and extra. One widespread pores and skin drawback, which happens throughout the summer time season is prickly warmth. “This problem occurs when sweat is not able to escape from our body and it forms tiny bumps on our face, chest, neck and arms, which gives an itchy sensation. The reason of this problem is poor hygiene. So, the best solution to this problem is to bathe twice a day.”

Here are some quick and simple ayurvedic remedies to heal prickly warmth:

Aloe vera and cucumber are cooling in nature. Make a paste of aloe vera and cucumber and apply it on the pores and skin to soothe the itchy pores and skin. Leave it for on for 20 minutes and wash off with plain water.

Margosa (Neem) leaf paste will also be used to handle prickly warmth. Neem leaves have a medicinal property of curing pores and skin itchiness and irritation. Make a paste of neem leaves and apply it on the affected space. Let it dry naturally and wash off with faucet water.

Sandalwood and rosewater are another choice to treatment prickly warmth as they’re cooling in nature and have antiseptic qualities. Sandalwood has a really nice scent which may take care of unhealthy odour. A paste of sandalwood and rosewater will soothe the pores and skin irritation.